Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't mourn for Hari, organise against liberalism

I've been a lax blogger of late. Coming soon a series on the left's visceral hostility to religion, and why it's a bad thin, as well as a piece on the culture of the picket line. What you will not be getting from this blog is anything on the deserved downfall of vile bigot Johann Hari. Some things are just too easy.

This having been said, it is worth asking why so many leftists have flocked in recent days to the defence of the plaigirising hack. Why was there such a widespread feeling that one of our own was under attack? Some folks suggested that this was a right-wing attack on a campaigning journalist - such things certainly do happen, but it does seem to me that the ultraleft Deterritorial Support Group is an unlikely channel for Toadmeisteresque reaction. The sad truth is that entire sections of the left, especially the younger parts of it, are enamoured with cultural and political liberalism. Hari, for all his moralising bleeding-heart advocacy of a clinically secular world being tugged into the future by the locomotive of Progress, for all the disempowering elitism and suppressed class-basis of the politics implicit in this outlook, was saying things a lot of people on the left wanted to hear. And this is far more of a problem than a few dodgy interviews.

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