Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This charming man

Ooh, I've had a reply from John Cryer:

When I entered parliament that morning there was no picket at any of the entrances I looked at – which was three.

The PCS said they were putting pickets on all entrances bar the Tube which I assumed meant it would be acceptable to enter at that entrance.

I would also point out that there was a debate that day caused by me. If I had failed to be there I would have let down my constituents. I would further point out that I went out of my way in Business Questions to defend trade unions. The PCS must be living on another planet if they imagine it’s a great idea to give Tories and Lib Dems a free run on a day of public-sector strikes.

I would also be obliged if you could forward this email to Mark Serwotka with my mobile number which is ************* so he can explain to me why his union followed such a ludicrous strategy. And you can refrain from sending me vaguely threatening emails – if you think that sort of behaviour will intimidate me in any way whatsoever then you know nothing of my history.

Yours etc,

John Cryer

"Vaguely threatening"? This man seriously needs a summer break.

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